Saturday, December 24, 2011


This. Is my Giant Paper Organizer Erin found at a used office store. It is situated on my cheap Craigslist-bought, awesome, L-shaped desk. Why pay $200 for a wireframe at Office Depo when less than half of that can get me a giant wood desk if I frequent auctions, estate sales, and junk stores? My family is a giant mess of deal-finders. I never buy new. You can find giant desks for around $100 where I live. (I love the South.)

Close-up of labeled areas. I keep two "active" boxes for VF. That is, only the current chapter drafts and pages go in there.

Manilla Envelopes. Past & Future chapter manuscripts, thumbnails, etc go in their own manilla envelopes. This helps me stay ON TASK. Stay in the present. I will allow myself to work on future chapter manuscript pages, but only when the current "active" one is done. :)

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