Saturday, December 24, 2011

Manuscript ch01.pp26-27

Manuscript Copy: Planning Paper

Series: Vampire Fetish

Place: Chapter One, pages 26-27

Some Words:

Some people were curious about my drawing process. I've already waxed poetica about thumbnailing all over the place, successively getting bigger and more complicated as I work.

This is the last step before my finalized version. I do really, really quick mock-inks on manuscript paper. (You can probably tell the majority of this was drawn with Sharpies if you get in close.) Then I trace it onto clean bristol via lightbox using actual Ink.

The process speeds my progress in an almost contradictory manner. While some would immediately look at it and cry "too much time," the planning stage allows for such freedom and low-stress that it has sped my finalizing process up by a whole lot. I can work out where I want my blacks, tones, and sound effects as well. I might post some examples with handwritten notes later if I come across them. I already threw a lot of these away! XD

Anyhoo, always learning more and more, and I love it! I feel like I'm bombarded by opportunities to learn as of late, as I investigate old films and books about things that capture and expand my imagination...

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