Saturday, December 24, 2011

Illustration Progression

Vampire Fetish Chapter 1 Illustration Progression

1. Thumbnail. Don't let your mind be shackled. Sketch freely. I did a thumbnail and slapped some colors over it, letting my brain talk more than my hands.

2. Mock. I taped some cheap manuscript paper together and did a mock version of my thumbnail, just to make sure it was jiving with what I have envisioned.

3. Character Lineart. I redrew the Lineart on a Larger Scale Piece of Strathmore Bristol. I scanned the character art to have it on file for safe-keeping, in case I'd like to use it for anything else later.

4. Lineart with Penciled Background. I scanned this in for fun. You can see my penciled background, with perspective lines included, in the background. This one has the perspective lines and careful drawing, unlike the thumbnail and mock manuscript, which was done loosely with freehand.

5. Lineart is Complete.
Since this is going to be a colored illustration, the lineart is actually done with colored liners. It adds just the little pop you need to make it all jive.

6. Digital Computer Mock. If it works brightly, I know there's a good chance it will work when I blend it nicely. Plus, I get to try out Text Placement.

7. Marker Progression. Now I am coloring with Markers!

8. Painting. I'm a mixed media geek, so here's the painting part. I love watercolors.

9. Back to markering. I switch pretty regularly between markers and paint. Still a while to go before gouache and highlights, but we're getting there!

10. Background Bridge and Water Painted in. Now that the Water and Bridge has dried, we can start again darkening the buildings and soon we get to add lights!

11. FINIS!

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