Wednesday, June 22, 2011

My Opa's Painting

My Opa (German for grandfather; he was my GREAT grandfather) was an interesting figure. I know he was a scientist and wind tunnel expert, a boxer/fighter, and he also painted.

Anyway, when Oma (my great grandmother) passed away, Mom kept a lot of her crafts and such, and among them, as we were going through some baskets, we found a painting that Opa did. I though it was terribly adorable. It's a tiny thing, but it has a lot of character. I scanned it to archive it and decided to share!

I have no idea when this was painted. My grandmother was born to my Opa and Oma in 1938, but Opa died when she was in her teens, I believe. So this could have been done any time during his lifetime.

Nana took after him in terms of arts and painting. When my Nana (grandmother) speaks of him, I can still tell she was a major, "Daddy's Girl." She still keeps the box that held his oil paints (it looks well used with paints all over). She's given me everything in terms of her paints and such, but when she came across the box, she clutched it to her chest and smelled it and said, "This was my father's. I have to keep it." So sweet. I'm glad to have found this painting.

Watercolor. Not sure if this was done in his early, middle, or latter years.

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