Wednesday, February 23, 2011

What I Got for My Brithday!

See this? Right in the middle is my special Brownie. Why is it special? Because it's GLUTEN-FREE! AND my friend Jessica sent it to me in the mail! It arrive today. Isn't it to teeny and cute? It looks right at home next to my piggy bank (with birthday money in it) and my colorful data box and the picture of Jude that Samantha sent me!


And here is the book Sam sent me. It's really cool, and it ties in with my future career, too. I have an interest in commercial packaging, like what kinds of colors and designs and textures appeal to a wide audience, so this really interests me and delights me. She kept teasing me trying to make me guess what it was, so it was a total surprise when it arrived in the mail!

And here's the inside of it. Nifty, huh? I've been carting this thing around and looking at it between classes.


And here's what Erin got for me. Something I've really been wanting. It's illustration books by Toshihiro Kawamoto. He worked on lots of stuff that you've probably heard of, like Gundam Stardust Memory, Cowboy Bebop, and Wolf's Rain. My point is that he's a good designer, and it's exciting to have some high-quality books with his work in them. :D

Gundam Stardust Memory. I think I love his illustrations of this the best. SO emotive! :D

And the infamous "Spike is so cool and lonely" picture. :D

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