Sunday, March 7, 2010

Planning the Little Bits

You probably can't tell what's going on at all...

...but I can.

Take a trip into my brain with this sketch. It's a childhood story about Jude, Tony, and a bully named Dick (Richard). This is how I plan. ^_^ The first stage anyway, followed by the later paneling stage... :D

This will be a special "bite-size" mini-chapter after the current chapter 3.


  1. I can tell what's going on. 'Cause you know I'm in your head sitting on a lawn chair, drinking a tea as your ideas frolic by.

    Really though, this makes me sad for Jude and his little rock people. Especially at the point when Dick is killing them. But he gets points for knowing the word 'incriminating' when Tony doesn't lol.

  2. I'm officially freaked that you managed to get all that from the small stick-figures in boxes + tiny notes. @_@


    (How can I hide from her when she's in my mind, though?)

  3. Storyboards are always a bit magical, one day you know what they're about, the next, you have no idea what all those scribbles describe (or perhaps it's just me....)