Thursday, February 25, 2010

Totoba Sketch

Hi there! I see I've convinced some of you to click "Follow." Or maybe I bribed you, or threatened you. Who knows? To answer some comments, my clay I used below is indeed called Sculpey, and I baked it in my oven! (I bought it at Hobby Lobby.) And I may indeed wind up drawing Jude as Schrodinger. I was unfamiliar with the character, but at the comments I had to look it up on Youtube. What an impossibly rabid little guy!

Today, here's a tiny sketch from the rough old, falling-apart sketchbook of mine. This is from a story called Totoba, which I've written but yet to start. I love it quite a lot. It draws a bit of inspiration from nomadic Native American life and features a runaway young girl named Nory seeking her childhood friend, whom is rumored to have become a war chief in the southern districts. In this sketch is Nory and an annoying boy named Yahto, who followed her on her quest!

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