Saturday, December 24, 2011

Playing with Dolls!

What is in the pretty box?

It's a dollie! Made by periwinkleimp! (Commission info here!)

He's wearing a red dress and pearls! Oh, my!

I had some other doll clothes I made when I was a girl, and lo and behold they fit! German Jude looks a bit like a garden gnome, though.

Or maybe one of those Christmas elves from "Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer!"

Okay, back to his day clothes! Pictured here with the vile vampire brownie made by Jazeki/Jessica Swanson!

He's got his jacket on. Time to face off with Vampire Brownie.

Land of Lions on Kindle and More!

Pimping out some fellow artists! Many of you are probably familiar with the fabulous Land of Lions by Cassandra Jean as well as Two Keys by Chloe Chan & Aliena Shoemaker, and also SIN by Drake Tsui.

If you're like me, you like books. If you're an addictive personality perhaps you even like eBooks! Well, Land of Lions is available as as eBook! You can access eBooks from your computer or from devices like the Kindle.

I just downloaded Chapter 1 of Land of Lions on my Kindle, and rest assured, you can read it fine at that size. (Our Kindle is the small version, too.) Here are some photos of what it looks like on the Kindle! Sorry about the creepy blue light. It's the book light.

Land of Lions eBooks
by Cassandra Jean

Land of Lions Ch. 1
Land of Lions Ch. 2
Land of Lions Ch. 3
Land of Lions Ch. 4
Land of Lions Ch. 5
Land of Lions Ch. 6
Land of Lions Ch. 7
Land of Lions Ch. 8
Land of Lions Ch. 9
Land of Lions Ch. 10
Land of Lions Ch. 11
Land of Lions Ch. 12
Land of Lions Ch. 13
Land of Lions Ch. 14
Land of Lions Ch. 15
Land of Lions Ch. 16
Land of Lions Ch. 17
Land of Lions Ch. 18
Land of Lions Ch. 19
Land of Lions Ch. 20
Land of Lions Ch. 21

Black-Eyed Susan eBooks
by Cassandra Jean

Black-Eyed Susan Ch. 1
Black-Eyed Susan Ch. 2
Black-Eyed Susan Ch. 3
Black-Eyed Susan Ch. 4
Black-Eyed Susan Ch. 5
Black-Eyed Susan Ch. 6
Black-Eyed Susan Ch. 7
Black-Eyed Susan Ch. 8
Black-Eyed Susan Ch. 9
Black-Eyed Susan Ch. 10 Books on Amazon:

Land of Lions
by Cassandra Jean

Two Keys
by Chloe Chan & Aliena Shoemaker

by Drake Tsui

Manuscript ch01.pp26-27

Manuscript Copy: Planning Paper

Series: Vampire Fetish

Place: Chapter One, pages 26-27

Some Words:

Some people were curious about my drawing process. I've already waxed poetica about thumbnailing all over the place, successively getting bigger and more complicated as I work.

This is the last step before my finalized version. I do really, really quick mock-inks on manuscript paper. (You can probably tell the majority of this was drawn with Sharpies if you get in close.) Then I trace it onto clean bristol via lightbox using actual Ink.

The process speeds my progress in an almost contradictory manner. While some would immediately look at it and cry "too much time," the planning stage allows for such freedom and low-stress that it has sped my finalizing process up by a whole lot. I can work out where I want my blacks, tones, and sound effects as well. I might post some examples with handwritten notes later if I come across them. I already threw a lot of these away! XD

Anyhoo, always learning more and more, and I love it! I feel like I'm bombarded by opportunities to learn as of late, as I investigate old films and books about things that capture and expand my imagination...

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(c) Taylor Holt, LOOM 2011


This. Is my Giant Paper Organizer Erin found at a used office store. It is situated on my cheap Craigslist-bought, awesome, L-shaped desk. Why pay $200 for a wireframe at Office Depo when less than half of that can get me a giant wood desk if I frequent auctions, estate sales, and junk stores? My family is a giant mess of deal-finders. I never buy new. You can find giant desks for around $100 where I live. (I love the South.)

Close-up of labeled areas. I keep two "active" boxes for VF. That is, only the current chapter drafts and pages go in there.

Manilla Envelopes. Past & Future chapter manuscripts, thumbnails, etc go in their own manilla envelopes. This helps me stay ON TASK. Stay in the present. I will allow myself to work on future chapter manuscript pages, but only when the current "active" one is done. :)

Illustration Progression

Vampire Fetish Chapter 1 Illustration Progression

1. Thumbnail. Don't let your mind be shackled. Sketch freely. I did a thumbnail and slapped some colors over it, letting my brain talk more than my hands.

2. Mock. I taped some cheap manuscript paper together and did a mock version of my thumbnail, just to make sure it was jiving with what I have envisioned.

3. Character Lineart. I redrew the Lineart on a Larger Scale Piece of Strathmore Bristol. I scanned the character art to have it on file for safe-keeping, in case I'd like to use it for anything else later.

4. Lineart with Penciled Background. I scanned this in for fun. You can see my penciled background, with perspective lines included, in the background. This one has the perspective lines and careful drawing, unlike the thumbnail and mock manuscript, which was done loosely with freehand.

5. Lineart is Complete.
Since this is going to be a colored illustration, the lineart is actually done with colored liners. It adds just the little pop you need to make it all jive.

6. Digital Computer Mock. If it works brightly, I know there's a good chance it will work when I blend it nicely. Plus, I get to try out Text Placement.

7. Marker Progression. Now I am coloring with Markers!

8. Painting. I'm a mixed media geek, so here's the painting part. I love watercolors.

9. Back to markering. I switch pretty regularly between markers and paint. Still a while to go before gouache and highlights, but we're getting there!

10. Background Bridge and Water Painted in. Now that the Water and Bridge has dried, we can start again darkening the buildings and soon we get to add lights!

11. FINIS!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Old Artwork Archive 1997, 2000, 2001, 2006.

So. Remember the RETRO LOOM POST and the RAW SKETCHING POST? (If you don't, you can click the links to be taken to them and see my progress over the years.)

This is in the same spirit.

These are pictures that managed to SURVIVE. I hid a lot of my drawing as a child, so NO ONE WOULD SEE THEM NO ONE. So that means under mattresses, in the couch, in the attic, etc. The point is: they managed to survive yearly purging. Kept em outta pure luck, not sentimentality of my faves. I drew a lot. The yearly cleaning was to take everything down off my walls and out of my over-full closet and PURGE. :) I didn't feel sad or anything; it was just a ritual I had. I always figured I could draw better and newer and shinier things. I still feel today, mostly.

Starting at age 7, then visiting 4th and 5th grades, and then we jump to my Freshmen year.





Old Artwork Archive 2007.

So. Remember the RETRO LOOM POST and the RAW SKETCHING POST? (If you don't, you can click the links to be taken to them and see my progress over the years.)

This is in the same spirit.

2007 was my Sophomore year of high school. It's a year that was HELL. I hated it. HATED.